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About Sparkle Motion
We are a 6 year old guild who started out as a 10 man group and eventually built into a full 25 man guild in Wrath of the Lich King. Many of our players have been have been raiding together since the guild was formed in WotLK and we have remained a tight-knit group. We raided as a 10 man group in Cata and MoP, with good success while maintaining a relatively casual, yet serious, attitude and atmosphere.

With Blizzard's announcement of 20 man Mythic in WoD, we converted to 25 man and finished SoO 14/14H.  Currently, our mythic team is 3/10M in BRF and 6/7M in Highmaul, looking to push deeper before T18 hits.

We strive for the best progression possible while maintaining a casual atmosphere and maintaining a close-knit group who will work to pick each other up after a bad attempt, help each other succeed, enjoy when things are good, and not ^**&^ when things go sideways.
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